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Monaco, an exceptional land, a forward-thinking country, a hub of innovation and challenge,
a great destination for events, a prestigious universe where the quality of life is unique, in fact there is no shortage of superlatives to describe our beautiful country!

The founders of CM MONACO REAL ESTATE are proud to have been part of this great Monegasque Family for several generations.

The exemplary nature of the Monegasque environment is very real in both the economic sector and in its social and cultural context.

This is very evident in the following areas :

  • Its neutral and independent sovereign State, with stable institutions
  • Its open-minded outlook, this is a land with a cosmopolitan community of 130 different nationalities all living in perfect harmony
  • Its privileged geographical location, Mediterranean climate, situated close to the Italian border and the city of Nice with the 2nd most important airport in France
  • Its state-of the-art Health-Care, Research and Educational establishments
  • Its modern, attractive banking system
  • Its fiscally advantageous, innovative economy with a prosperous employment tank
  • Its commitment towards environmentally friendly and sustainable development
  • Its Homeland Security, vital for both its residents and visitors
  • Its very high level cultural, sports and professional events with international outreach

Whether you wish to live or invest here, MONACO remains a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE